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Get ready for a battle of wits


and a race against the clock.

(Also adapts to play without time-pressure.)



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Once the timer starts, its player against player or team versus team as you frantically try to come up with a synonym or antonym. Better act fast… before your opponent beats you to the verbal punch! First correct answer takes the card, and it’s on to the next word. Collect the most cards before the timer expires, and the round is yours!

Next up is the Brain Freeze round. It’s like a game of hot potato played with words. Blurt out a word that allows you to pass that dreaded Brain Freeze card! The suspense builds at every turn as your choices run out. Get stuck with Brain Freeze, and your score takes a hit!

Destined to be the next classic word game, Verbal Volley
® is great fun for the whole family and a terrific vocabulary-builder for children and adults.


Verbal Volley was honored as a Featured “Hot Topic” Product for 2010 during the National School Supply and Equipment Association (NSSEA) Ed Expo.

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Two Additional Fun and Educational Versions!

  • Verbal Volley Middle School Expansion Pack, with 172 conceptual vocabulary words
  • Other Wordly (Verbal Volley for college prep) with 422 commonly tested SAT/ACT* words (Ages 14+)

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Warning: CHOKING HAZARD – Board version of game includes small parts. Not for children
under 3 yrs.

Creator of vocabulary games to improve literacy instruction, word finding, SAT scores, ACT scores and ESL teaching. Games meet multiple NCTE/IRA and Common Core Standards.

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