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Free Downloads for Verbal Volley Purchasers

March 27th, 2010 | by admin

Downloadable lesson plans and assessment materials are available to Verbal Volley purchasers. The following materials are currently available:

The Evidence Base for Verbal Volley as a Literacy and Vocabulary Tool

Two Sample Lesson Plans: Playing Verbal  Volley Using Words from the First Half of Fry’s High Frequency Word List and  Playing Verbal Volley Using Prefixes to Create Antonyms

An Example of How to Use Verbal Volley as An Assessment, with Pre-test, Teaching Strategy and Post-test Materials

Simply contact us through our website to let us know where and when  you purchased your Verbal Volley game and what your receipt number was. Let us know which material you would like. We will send you an email with an attachment. Our download offerings will vary periodically.