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Mindfull Games President and Co-Founder Kristin Edmonds is a licensed speech-language pathologist and teacher with 25-years experience at the elementary through university levels. As a parent of an academically gifted child and a musically gifted child with learning disabilities, she also draws on personal experience using music and games to increase student motivation and learning.

Co-founders Naomi Edmonds and Robert Edmonds M.D., FAAP also play a vital role in research and development at the Mindfull Corporation. Naomi is a retired elementary school educator and public school speech therapist. She is an avid word game player who enjoyed creating games for her students during her teaching career.

During his 40-year career as a physician and professor in the specialty of Neurodevelopmental Pediatrics, Dr. Edmonds focused on the public health benefit and cost-effectiveness of early intervention for children’s health and development problems. Dr. Edmonds’ children’s clinic served as a training facility for medical students and allied health professionals from universities nationwide, including Cornell, Washington University and Johns Hopkins – where he is a Fellow of the Kennedy Krieger Institute.

Together, the Mindfull Games brain trust has developed a game that utilizes their advanced education, professional experience and creative talent to make learning fun for all ages.



Creator of vocabulary games to improve literacy instruction, word finding, SAT scores, ACT scores and ESL teaching. Games meet multiple NCTE/IRA and Common Core Standards.

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