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Meet the Inventors Day at Unique Toy and Game

December 27th, 2009 | by admin

On December 19th, Unique Toy and Game of Wildwood, MO invited the owner/game developers of Mindfull Games, Around the Table Games and Jane’s Games to demonstrate their products to store patrons. The store was packed to capacity with holiday shoppers and even some members of the press. Jane Matthews (creator of Instructures), Beth Daniels (creator of Family Talk and other conversation games), and Kristin Edmonds (creator of Verbal Volley) spoke to the visitors about what inspired the teacher, occupational therapist and speech pathologist¬† to create socially interactive games that help expressive language.¬† Many parents, grandparents and children played the new games. The weather was brisk and so were the sales. Thank you to Unique Toy and Game for introducing us to your holiday shoppers.