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Rule Modifications for the March 1st Verbal Volley Showdown

February 25th, 2009 | by admin

1. There will be no challenge feature in the tournament play. The judge will either award a card or not.

2. If a judge disagrees with a player’s word choice, that player may use the word in context and the target word in the same context once. The judge will then make a final ruling. An example: In the synonym round, the target word is “save.” A student names “except” as a synonym. The judge disagrees. The player says, “I ate all of the cookies except one.  I ate all of the cookies save one.” The judge sees that the usage is correct and awards the card to the player.

3. Each preliminary round will end after 30 minutes of playing time or after the completion of the four basic rounds of the game (synonym, synonym Brain Freeze, antonym, antonym Brain Freeze), or when the card stack is used up, whichever comes first.

4. If neither player wants to offer an antonym or synonym for a target word, the word is set aside and not looked up.

5. The judge will allow a player to hold the Brain Freeze card for up to 20 seconds while attempting to recall a synonym or antonym.

6. For all matches, the tiebreaker will be a sudden death Brain Freeze round with a randomly chosen word from the deck.  A coin toss by the judge will decide whether antonyms or synonyms will be used.

7. The three finalists will play a round robin format. Each final match will consist of only two rounds and will use either synonyms or antonyms. The judge will toss a coin to decide which one.