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Verbal Volley Tournament News

June 12th, 2011 | by admin

In May, we received good news from Jocelyn Downs, Literacy Coach at Merritt Island High School in Merritt Island, Florida. She told us that in March, Merritt Island High School held a school-wide Verbal Volley tournament funded by the Brevard Foundation School Bucks Grant. Team play was used within the classrooms to find winners to represent each class, and then class representative teams competed against each other. Ms. Downs stated that Merritt Island “appreciates the impact this has had on our school. We sincerely hope to see increased test scores for our students; and we have certainly seen an increase in the engagement of our students while learning advanced academic vocabulary.”  Thank you, Jocelyn, for sharing your good news. Congratulations to the participants and winners in the Verbal Volley tournament, and good luck with your high stakes vocabulary tests!