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Verbal Volley Wins Academics’ Choice Brain Toy Award

December 7th, 2011 | by admin

In November, Verbal Volley won the Academic’s Choice Brain Toy Award. We are glad to be recognized for our game’s contributions to education and brain fitness.

Academic’s Choice  Toy Reviewers said:

“I use this in my 4th grade classroom for free time. It’s always the game to be grabbed off the shelf. Little do they know they are developing their vocabulary and word usage skills for writing! I highly recommend it to other teachers!”

“I’m a homeschooler and I use Verbal Volley to sharpen my children’s vocabulary and quick-thinking skills. After playing this game for a couple months, I have found it is much easier for my children to come up with, and articulate specific words when doing their writing assignments.”

“My family likes to play scrabble so we tried verbal volley. It is a much higher energy game and really keeps you on your toes.”